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I was born in Clinton, Oklahoma and now live just outside Weatherford, Oklahoma with my wife, Michele, and our four cats. My interest in photography grew from my love of the outdoors. I love being around the wildlife and seeing things very few people have seen. I've seen nature the way it really is. I've seen animals struggle for life and lose. I've seen them run and play, and I've seen them die so that others could live. Many of these times, I've been the only one to witness these events, and I strive to share these moments with others through my photography.

I started taking pictures as a hobby and it quickly grew into a part-time business. I became a full-time photographer in 1998.

My images have appeared in magazines, calendars, post cards, screen savers, key chains, and books. My photo credits include Outdoor Oklahoma, Oklahoma Today, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wildlife Management Institute, Outdoor Life, American Hunter, Impact Photo Graphics, Wyoming Wildlife, Safari Magazine, Turkey Call Magazine, National Wildlife, Smith Southwestern, among others.

Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place to photograph, and I travel there each spring, fall and winter. I also concentrate my efforts at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near my home, photographing whitetail deer, bison, blacktail prairie dogs, eastern collared lizards, and turkeys. Other efforts include the photography of wild horses in southwestern Wyoming. Unless otherwise specified, all wildlife were taken in the wild.
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Guestbook for Kim Hart Wildlife Photography
VICKI DAIGH(non-registered)

Absolutely love you photographs. I can't even imagine the feeling of being out watching nature in the rawest as you do. Thanks for sharing you thoughts and pics and FB also.
Amanda Winn(non-registered)
Hi, I just found your site, I live in Tulsa, OK, originally from OKC. I am very interested in wildlife photography. I have traveled to Yellowstone a couple of times, as well as the Grand Tetons, and Alaska. I am really just learning. Wondering if you teach any workshops at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge? My son is extremely interested in buffalo, so we have been to the refuge and basically all over the US looking at great buffalo!! Thank you so much! Love all of your pictures, absolutely beautiful!
Wonders of Nature Photography(non-registered)
Hello...We are fellow Oklahomans who love taking wildlife & nature photos. I love your photos. We go to Yellowstone every year and have been for the last 13 years. I love your photos but your wolf ones to me are special. Didn't know if you knew it but you have one of Druid 21 and also famous 302. We watched the Druids all those years and they are so special to us. No we get to enjoy the next generation. Just wanted to tell you I love your photos and it is nice to see and Oklahoman taking pics of the wild. We have a facebook page. Not sure if you do I will look.
Joel Germond(non-registered)
Nice photos.
Mark Miller(non-registered)
Quite impressive! A lot of years of effort outdoors is paying off with some wonderful photos! The black bear and cub shown here and on the National Wildlife Magazine cover is definitely a prize winner.
I look forward to seeing more in the future.
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